Skin Cancer types

The three main types of skin cancer are:

BCC (Basal Cell Cancer)

  • the most common, usually pink and may bleed or itch
  • growth is confined locally (potentially more dangerous when it occurs on the face)
SCC (Squamous Cell Cancer)

  • more serious as it can spread to the lymph glands
  • often arise from sunspots, is usually scaly and may be tender

  • the most serious as it can spread via the blood stream throughout the body
  • can arise anywhere on the body, including the face, scalp, lips, ears, under fingernails or toe nails (brown stripes), on the soles of feet, and in areas that have never seen the sun!
  • can be raised or flat, fast or slow growing and rarely, can be pink in colour (especially in fair skinned people).

Remember...the most effective management for skin cancer is early detection and treatment.